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Creating Resilient, Influential Veterinary Healthcare Professionals

Our Organization

The veterinary profession is demanding and success in practice requires more than the clinical and technical skills of medicine.  It is this awareness that led to the development of programs like the Veterinary Leadsership Experience (VLE) that give participants the opportunity to explore our organization’s foundational principle: to effectively influence and lead others, one must effectively lead one’s self.

Using a leadership model that showcases the diversity and strength of each individual while also emphasizing that personal leadership is the cornerstone for leading others, our programs are designed to allow personal reflection and learning in order to create resilient leaders, leaders who understand emotional intelligence, communication, diversity, professionalism and conflict resolution. Using an evidence-based curriculum with an experiential format to facilitate learning. our programs are developed by an interdisciplinary team with expertise in veterinary medicine, psychology, organization leadership, executive coaching, business, organization advancement, education, and communication.

I had lost my sense of self and coming to VLE helped me reconnect with who I really am and what's important to me, my values. I am forever grateful.

Dr. Tamara Hancock, Clinical Pathologist, University of Missouri

I love that what I learned can apply to both my personal and professional life!

Michigan Power of 10 Participant