The VLE is a week-long intensive leadership training program
that encourages participants to “think outside the box”
for personal and professional growth.


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Welcome to The Veterinary Leadership Institute (VLI), a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of healthy and resilient leaders who can make a positive difference for the profession.


Emily Tincher

Emily Tincher

Board President

Morgan See

Morgan See

Director of Operations

Dr. Betsy Charles

Board of Directors

Dr. Jennifer Schleining

Board of Directors

Heather Kittrell

Dr. Heather Kittrell

Board of Directors

Virginia Kiefer Corrigan

Dr. Virginia Corrigan

Board of Directors


April 20, 2020

Reflection Through Creativity

Life has ground to a halt for some of us and has started moving at the speed of light for others. We continue to grapple with the challenges while trying…
April 14, 2020

A Word of Encouragement

We are living in a time of chaos and uncertainty. Life as we know it has changed dramatically and so many in the world I trying to find peace and…
March 24, 2020

Why Mr. Rogers is my hero!

We are living in challenging times as COVID-19 is turning life as we know it upside down. During times of uncertainty and fear, it is important to remember the things…

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