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April 2020

Reflection Through Creativity

Life has ground to a halt for some of us and has started moving at the speed of light for others. We continue to grapple with the challenges while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy. We would like you to consider doing an art project with us in order to better understand some of the feelings and emotions you may be experiencing or remember who you are, your true identity, and how you can best bring your full self to your life today.

Supplies you will need…

  1. A piece of cardstock or paper.
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue or tape
  4. Old magazines you can cut up
  5. Stickers, ribbon, scrapbook embellishments (if you have that sort of thing)
  6. Colored paper
  7. Markers, colored pens or pencils
  8. The creative parts of your brain

Here’s all you need to do. Give yourself permission to create something, anything. Give yourself permission to sit down for an hour and make a collage or picture or drawing that answers one or two of the following questions. Or maybe think up a question of your own to answer.

  1. Who am I and what do I care about?
  2. How can I represent, on this piece of paper, how I feel about our current global pandemic situation?
  3. What brings me joy?
  4. What am I dreaming about?

When you are done, share your creation with us on our social media channels (FaceBook or Instagram). It is amazing what happens when we see each other, really see each other. In order to do that, to really see each other, we must be brave and put ourselves out there. This project gives you the opportunity to do that even just in your own eyes at first. For those who have been to the Veterinary Leadership Experience, you know that creativity in community is what gives us the power to change the world for the positive. And we need that kind of power in ourselves, our families, our communities and the world right now.

A Word of Encouragement

We are living in a time of chaos and uncertainty. Life as we know it has changed dramatically and so many in the world I trying to find peace and hope is what threatens to take our families and communities down. It is important to understand that this time is giving all of us an opportunity to really understand what it means to navigate the tension between the good and the terrible. We must acknowledge that there is terrible. We must feel it and understand it. We must not pretend it does not exist. And then we must refocus on all that is good. Navigating this tension between good and terrible is likely something we will do on a daily basis, probably several times a day. And that is ok. But…

As VLI Leaders, we need to remember and fully embrace that we are exactly what the world needs at this moment in history. We are well trained to manage an infectious disease outbreak AND we have a skill set that will allow us to lead well in this time of uncertainty and chaos. Let this video encourage you to remember exactly who you are- all kinds of awesome.