Working with the Board of Directors, and the other veterinary colleagues associated with the VLI, continually reaffirms my belief in the wholeheartedness of the veterinary profession. The ability of this group to model vulnerability and to participate in continual professional and personal growth inspires me.

Dr. Karen Cornell

Our Board

The Veterinary Leadership Institute serves as an advocate for the VLE and our other leadership training programs in order to meet the diverse needs of a constantly evolving veterinary profession.  Made up of expert industry professionals, the VLI Board of Directors focuses solely on the betterment of the veterinary profession.  The goals of the VLI Board of Directors are twofold.  First, practice what we preach by working together and with our partners, sponsors, and participants in a collaborative and engaging manner while modeling servant leadership.  Second, communicate the proven results and impact of the VLE and other leadership programs to the veterinary profession, including potential sponsors and investors.

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Dr. Betsy Charles

Executive Director

Dr. Lauren Olavessen

Board President

Dr. Kenita Rogers

Board Member

Morgan See

Director of Operations