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I was born and raised in a rural area of South Carolina. I was the youngest of three children (by quite a margin…..can you say “oops” baby?) and the only girl. My parents named me Brandon, and I’m called “Brandi” by almost everyone, and “BB” by a very select special group of biologic and non-biologic nieces and nephews. I grew up riding and showing Tennessee Walking horses. Horses are the reason that I became interested in veterinary medicine, so my goal in highschool was to be a horse vet. At Clemson University, I became interested in pathology and my goals were altered and plans changed to a career in diagnostic pathology. I went to Auburn University for my DVM and stayed on for a PhD and residency in Anatomic Pathology.  After my PhD/residency, I was a veterinary diagnostic pathologist for the Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Lab  for 1 ½ years until life happened and things beyond the scope of this biography placed me into small animal private practice for 3 ½ years. Another serendipitous round of events finally landed me back at Auburn University, where I am a Senior Lecturer in Microanatomy, Neurosciences, and general all around “Mama B” to our students. My story just goes to show you that you never know where you’ll end up and what you’ll end up doing, but always make the best of it along the way.  In my free time, I love to spend time with my furbabies (see below) and my significant other, who happens to be from Mexico City, Mexico and is trying to teach me Spanish. 

Favorite item from Harriet’s kitchen: EVERYTHING! Anything that Harriet cooks is pure magic – but I will concede to the majority and mention her Molasses cookies. 

What you do to have fun and recharge: I love concerts, shopping (especially thrift stores), movies, binge-watching television, playing guitar, DIY’ing, and reading. I have three miniature dachshunds (collectively called “the cuties”). They got a really fancy ramp this past Christmas so that they can safely get in and out of the bed as they please (I know…I’m one of THOSE people). So, I love to take a nap with my “cuties” to recharge.