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Nearly every Saturday morning, I grab a newspaper, settle into my favorite eating venue and order a big breakfast. While consuming pancakes and pouring over the news, I usually speak to no one, avoid eye contact with patrons but always give the wait staff a courteous smile.

Those that know me and my propensity for “E” would view this as highly unusual behavior. It would be more natural to share a table with friends, engage in lively conversation and gain strength from the human bond. But, for me, this Saturday morning ritual is a necessary part of my week, my “I” time. My weeks are typically filled with speaking to a variety of individuals, attending meetings, teaching, training and interacting with my colleagues. At home, I purposely drop what I am doing, prepare dinner with my wife and enjoy the company. We often walk our dog and greet the neighbors. All this human contact is fuel for an “E” but can be exhausting for an “I”.

Well, I have learned that even an “E” needs a break and Saturday morning breakfast is my shelter. Having an inclination for “E” or “I” is not definitive. It is perfectly acceptable to float between the two and still maintain normal daily activities. What I find important is that one recognize when, in my case, an “E” needs “I” time and when those that lean “I” need “E” time.

So, find your Saturday morning breakfast or your Karaoke night, whatever you need.

Written by, Chuck Wiedmeyer

Chuck Wiedmeyer

Chuck Wiedmeyer is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology at the University of Missouri. He is also the owner of Comparative Clinical Pathology Services, LLC. He has served as a VLE Facilitator for several years.

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