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The key component of the Veterinary Leadership Institute program is the facilitator team. Their training and understanding of this transformation process is the essential step in the VLE process. As we progress through Veterinary Leadership Experience, the facilitators guide us to understand the lessons that will help in our everyday lives. The VLE was a career defining experience for me.

Dr. Dan Posey, Professor, Texas A&M

The success of our programs is dependent on highly trained facilitators who are well versed in the core principles of the VLI.  Through our year round facilitator training program, we encourage personal growth and development in keeping with the core principles of the VLI.  Because we believe that all of us can learn and grow, facilitator training is an excellent opportunity for VLE alumni to go to the next level.  If you have attended the Veterinary Leadership Experience and are interested in becoming a part of our facilitator team, please click on the link below to contact us.


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