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Let’s all just take a little breather for a second.

We’re in a rat-race. There’s no doubt about that. And if you’re reading this, chances are you know that some self-management is pretty critical to maintaining that work-life balance we all covet so much.

Part of the reason that striking that balance is difficult is that we are all, quite literally, trying to do everything at once. We’re marketing. We are strategizing. We’re making decisions. We’re beating our competitors. We’re caring for our client
our colleague’s, and our family’s emotions. And on top of that…medical decisions at the drop of a hat.

We are literally trying to do it all. And it has to stop.

This past week we hosted the inaugural edition of the VLI Lead With Your Strengths workshop at the Western Veterinary Conference. I had the great honor of getting to walk some of your colleagues and friends through the process of their strengths.

We started to dig into the question who are we? What is at our core? What makes us tick? What motivates us as a very very instinctual level? And what makes us excel? When we get to answer of those sorts of questions, we can really begin to
build upward. We can start to ask questions like How do I accomplish my goals? How do I build a stronger team? and even What should I not be wasting my time on?

It’s a complex set of questions. At WVC we had the opportunity to explore those questions. And we’re excited about making opportunities like this one available to more and more veterinarians and vet students.

When it comes down to it, your time is too valuable. So shouldn’t you focus that precious resource on what you excel at?

(Here’s a hint: the answer is YES!)

If you’re interested in what the VLI is up to, or want to find out where it will be working with veterinarians next, get in touch with Betsy Charles through If you’re interested in finding out more about StrengthsFinder and how your clinic can built engagement with your team, contact me at

Luke Ramsay