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The Veterinary Leadership Experience is a week-long intensive leadership training program that encourages participants to “think outside the box” for personal and professional growth.

Watch this short video to gain a better understanding of why the Veterinary Leadership Experience was created.  Our experiential program is designed to help veterinary professionals step off the treadmill and learn the skills necessary to be healthy and resilient so they can become people of positive influence.

VLE 2024 will be held June 3-8, 2024.  Registration is open February 1-April 15, 2024.

Click here for information about the VLE 2024 registration process.

Are you wondering what to expect while at VLE? Check out our frequently asked questions for more information.


I've learned that taking care of myself isn't selfish; it is the only way to provide the best I have to my patients.

Dr. Jennifer Quammen

The VLE is an engaging experience that gave me the tools I needed to learn about myself so I could choose to positively impact our profession.

Dr. Brittany Koether

VLE is a daily part of my life. Have you seen those bracelets and t-shirts with WWJD (what would Jesus do) on them? Well, I feel that wayabout VLE. Everyday, I find myself in so many different situations where I
ask myself, WWVLED (what would VLE do). I use the leadership skills and principles every single day as a colleague, a friend, and a parent. VLE is more than this though. It is also a community of like-minded individuals that love the veterinary profession. I am proud to be a VLE-er!!

Dr. Julie Settlage

During my week at VLE I learned I possess strengths I hadn’t recognized, but more importantly, I recognized weaknesses don’t need to remain obstacles.

Dr. Glennon Mays

VLE has allowed me to understand who I am and how I interact with other in ways I never thought possible. Through the principals of Emotional Intelligence and Servant Leadership I have become a better spouse, parent, friend, and veterinarian!

Dr. Derrick Hall

The VLE is an amazing and engaging experience collaborating the ideas, principles and understandings of leadership and an awareness of self, others and the Veterinary Profession: Quite simply...The VLE helps me be a better me!

J. Alex Thomasson, DVM

The Veterinary Leadership Experience allows one the opportunity to focus on who you are as an individual, a veterinarian, and a member of society. It gives you tools to be the best you can be in each of these areas. It has
proved over and over for more than a decade to be a positive life changing experience for participants.

John Batchelder

Watching the transformation of both myself and my teammates into more self-aware servant leaders over the course of the program was phenomenal!

Jessica Trichel, DVM, Educational Outreach, Live Oak Bank