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  1. How do I register for VLE 2024?  If you are a student, once you have been selected by your school to attend VLE, contact Morgan See (  She will send you the link to registration.  If you are a faculty member, private practitioner, staff member, industry representative or other veterinary professional, please contact Morgan See at the email above or by using our contact page for information about your registration process.
  2.  What can I expect for weather and how should I pack?  Highs can be in the 60’s and 70’s while lows can be in the 40’s.  Each year brings us a different experience with weather.  We can have sunny days and warm temperatures, which make it ideal for shorts and t-shirts, OR we can have rain and colder days all week long.  Make sure you bring clothes for layering (shorts and jeans, long-sleeved shirts or a sweatshirt) and a good rain jacket.  You will want sturdy, close-toed shoes for outdoor activities and low-element activities.  We try to have as many activities outside as possible when the weather permits and can even be outside with light rain showers.  Bug repellant spray and sunscreen may be a good idea as well. Don’t forget a towel and a sleeping bag!
  3.  Do I need to bring bedding?  If you are a veterinary student, you will be housed with other students in a cabin with bunk beds and bathroom facilities.  You should bring a sleeping bag and a pillow as well as a towel, wash cloth and any other toiletries you need for your use during the week.  If you are a faculty/industry/private practitioner participant, you will be sharing a modest dorm-style room with 1 or 2 other participants.  These rooms have all bedding and towels/washcloths supplied–so you do not need to bring these items, but you should bring any toiletries you may need.  The rooms do not have hair dryers.
  4.  What are meals like at VLE?  At VLE, all our meals are served ‘family-style’ in a cafeteria.  We have breakfast, lunch and dinner served each day with morning and afternoon snacks.  You will NEVER go hungry!!  If you have special dietary needs, please make sure you provide us with these needs when you register for VLE.  We provide all special dietary needs to the camp chef as long as they are communicated prior to your arrival (preferably in your VLE registration!).
  5.  How do I get to VLE once my plane arrives in Spokane?  We ask that you make your flight plans to arrive at the Spokane International Airport on Monday, June 3, 2024, no later than 3pm.  Once you arrive in Spokane and make your way to baggage claim, you will see VLE Staff members holding signs to greet you.  Once you get your luggage, our VLE Staff will escort you to the Ramada Inn to our hospitality room.  We have charter buses that will take you from the airport to the camp in Post Falls, ID.  We make two trips to Ross Point leaving at 1:15pm and 5:00pm.  The bus trip is about an hour.  If you arrive before Monday, you will need to make your own arrangements to be at the Ramada Inn at the Spokane airport on Monday afternoon to catch the bus to Post Falls.  If you are going to do this, please indicate your plans in your VLE registration.
  6.  How am I getting back to the airport on June 8th?  We provide bus transportation for everyone from Post Falls back to Spokane International on Saturday, June 8th.  Everyone leaves Ross Point Camp & Conference center for the airport at the same time- 11:00am.  It takes approximately 1 hour to get to the Spokane airport.  Please make your return flights with this in mind.  If your flight departure time requires you to leave Ross Point Camp & Conference Center earlier than 11:00am, you will need to make your own arrangements for transportation back to the airport.  If you are going to do this, please indicate your plans in your VLE registration.
  7.  Is there Wi-Fi access at VLE?  The camp does have a Wi-Fi network.  Please keep in mind that it can be slow when there is peak use by attendees.  There is also one computer with internet access in the main meeting hall available 24 hours a day during the week.
  8.  What if I have issues while I am traveling to Spokane?  If you run into flight delays or other issues while traveling in to Spokane International, we ask that you contact the VLE Onsite Coordinator, Morgan See, and let her know of your travel changes.  She will make sure that the VLE Staff are aware of any delays and make sure that we have someone to pick you up and transport you to Post Falls on Monday.  We will also keep track of the flight schedule at the airport and as long as you’re on the same flight number you gave us at registration, we will get you at the correct time.
  9. What can I expect from the week?  We ask that you bring your true and authentic self to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a tremendous experience in personal growth and leadership development.