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Last week I celebrated with members of my veterinary school class for our (GULP) 20 year reunion. In seeing so many of my classmates, I couldn’t help but reminisce about those intense, grueling, growth filled, and happy years….. and the amazing people I spent them with.

Somehow, through effort, personalities, compassion, or maybe even accident, the members of our class came together as a team. We worked together, and played together. We studied hard, and let loose just as enthusiastically. We supported each other, and challenged each other to be our best.

Each person contributed to the desirable culture we created. Each person invested themselves in our code of common values. I know if I think back, I can recall examples where someone in our class demonstrated how to behave according to those values. I think this is what made us successful as a team.

Since veterinary school, I’ve had the opportunity to work in other great teams. Many of the same attributes I found in those teams: shared values, common goals, and committed people creating a supportive, motivating, and successful team culture. And, there is one more commonality…..I recognized that I was the happiest and most fulfilled during my time with these teams.

Tell us. Have you worked with or are you currently part of an amazing team? What attributes helped to create that team?


Kim Chappell

Kim Chappell is passionate about her veterinary profession for 20 years (NC State University Class of 1997)! She is a long-time volunteer facilitator for the Veterinary Leadership Experience, and is a supporter of the Veterinary Leadership Institute. Kim works as a Regional Consulting Veterinarian for Elanco Animal Health, and loves speaking to veterinarians and veterinary students through her work.

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