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What is your current position within the veterinary profession?
I am currently a rotating intern at Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles, CA
Why do you think the VLI is an important organization for the veterinary profession?
VLI is an important part of the veterinary profession because we are leaders in many aspects of our lives; with our clients, our coworkers, and in our communities. Servant leadership means not just telling others what to do, but inspiring those around you to reach their fullest potential by the example you set. VLI empowers veterinarians to find those qualities and put them to good use.
What are the top 3 things you learned during your week at VLE?
The top three things I learned during my time with VLI include 1) the concept of servant leadership (see above), 2) a better understand of the Meyers-Briggs personality types and how to use that knowledge when interacting with others, and 3) a realization that success does not bring happiness, happiness comes from gratitude for the blessings in my life. That, in turn, leads to success.
How are you putting what you learned at VLE into practice on a daily basis?
VLI is with me absolutely every day. Coming into a hospital as an intern, you have to work to earn people’s respect and trust, especially team members who have been there for years. I make a conscious effort to listen to all the suggestions and concerns given to me and acknowledge their importance. In addition, I make sure to recognize when people are working hard to take care of our patients and help me out. Yes, it is their job, but everyone wants to feel their time is spent making a difference. Complimenting someone on a job well done can turn their rough day into an accomplished day when the hospital gets very busy.