Why Mr. Rogers is my hero!

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We are living in challenging times as COVID-19 is turning life as we know it upside down. During times of uncertainty and fear, it is important to remember the things that matter, that we are incredibly creative problem solvers and that we know how to handle herd health. Finding Fred, a podcast about Mr. Rogers, is full of so many great things to think about during the upheaval our society is facing. VLI Executive Director, Betsy Charles, sat down with Dr. Shannon Reed, an equine surgeon at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and veteran VLE Facilitator, to discuss the first episode of the podcast- A Genius of Empathy- and why Mr. Rogers is one of Dr. Reed’s heroes. Click here to watch the interview!!

Betsy Charles

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Betsy loves being a veterinary radiologist and trying to make the world a better place. When not reading films, teaching veterinary students, or when she takes a break from trying to make a positive difference for the profession, she enjoys having meaningful and authentic conversation with all who cross her path, developing young entrepreneurs as they pursue their passions, riding her horse Lenny, reading, and hiking with her red heeler, Sadie.

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